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HR- Your Call To Action

September 25, 2009

For all the talk about where HR is (dead, dying, totally “ok” as is, needs re-branding, transformation, or somewhere in between) the fact is that although many HR pros who use social media are talking about it, the discussion is not reaching the masses yet.

We need a way to begin harnessing this energy.  We need to bring the ideas together in a cohesive way so that each HR pro in the field can have actionable steps to make HR better in their organization.  We need to figure out the “how” of it all.  Thanks to all of the great people who commented on my “Re-branding HR” post, I thought of several action items:

  • Get Involved– Create, attend, or participate in encouraging grassroots efforts to help HR evolve.
  • Make outreach your mission– Whether it’s to students, university officials, HR organizations, colleagues, or your customers, SPREAD THE WORD.  If you belong to SHRM or other HR professional organizations, reach out to the national or local chapters to bring this topic to the forefront.  China Gorman at SHRM is a great example of someone who is helping HR grow into the type of industry we’re all envisioning.
  • Don’t tear down your own field– Don’t be the part of HR that tries to slow or stop the momentum of the people who really are trying to expand the reach and understanding of HR.  The best read on this recently came from Kris Dunn over at Fistful of Talent in his post ‘Hey Employment Law Experts- You’re Killing My Profession’.
  • Walk the talk– Live what you’re preaching.  Get involved. Make it happen.  Good things don’t happen overnight, so do your part every day to encourage change.  As I told Andy Spence, some organizations are already getting it right, others need some work, and still others need an overhaul.

Feeling motivated?  Go register for HRevolution and take that first action step!!  Then, share your thoughts in the comments so we can keep the momentum going.

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  1. September 25, 2009 5:48 am


    This is a great post. Thanks for continuing the dialogue. I am writing something new but it won’t be ready for a few days. Let’s chat soon about #HRevolution.

    +1 813 417 8781


  2. September 25, 2009 6:52 am

    trish – i think you are saying something very important here that we not tear down our own field. it’s so easy to complain and whine about HR. it’s so easy to talk smack about ourselves and why it’s going to die. it’s easy to be loud and say a whole lot of crap but not take any action. you’re right when you say to walk the talk and live what you’re preaching. i think we are can be our best advocates by just leading by example. and as mike vandervort would say, simply, get shit done. thanks for this morning motivation.

    • September 25, 2009 9:40 pm

      @Michael- I think this is such a big topic that we can keep it going for awhile among different blogs because each one of us can bring new ideas to the table. Looking forward to your next post.

      @Jessica- Thanks for taking time to comment. You know, it’s easy to get into whine mode- find myself there once in awhile too- but what is great about the opportunity we all have is that we have a platform to really drive change. I’m looking forward to how other bloggers keep this going. I think a year or two from now we’ll look back and realize that this was the perfect opportunity to have dialogue result in substantial change. I’m hoping that HRevolution will be a solid contribution from me, Ben, Steve, and Crystal in moving the ball forward.


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