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It’s Moving Day for the HR Ringleader

October 25, 2009

Well, today is a big day for the HR Ringleader blog.  It’s moving day.

I started this blog earlier in 2009 not with any expectation other than I wanted to have an outlet for my ideas about Human Resources.  I have been reading HR blogs for years and finally decided I had more to say than what would be appropriate in the comment section of another HR blog.  With that, I set  out to create my own blog.

It took a bit to come up with my brand.  I wanted something that would describe how I felt about HR: that it is fun, carefree, risky, mesmerizing, captivating, and unique.  There are many characters that an HR professional interacts with.  The closest comparison I could make was that it was like a circus.  A circus with all the wonderful performers each one independent, but working together to make the show.  And, I would be the ringleader….the HR Ringleader.

I slowly gained readers, and I am forever grateful for each one of you.  You have made me stretch my ideas and my writing skills.  My only wish is to keep providing thought-provoking and fun posts that will keep your interest and gain the interest of others.

I hope you’ll all join me on my new site: There I will have more freedom with my writing and design.

I ask you to click on the RSS feed there if you’re not already subscribed.  If you have me on your blogroll, please update that as well.

Thank you my friends!

Trish- the HR Ringleader

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